Monday, May 14, 2012

Lady Power: send us thy daily blessing

41degC and heating up; the loo is at its peak and of course Lady Power has taken her 1st break for the day.
For that is, verily her wont, it does not matter what the season, she is regular in her breaks, if nothing else. But of course, like all great powers that rule our lives she is also unpredictable.

Of course, ACs do not work in this heat: it being a dry one, they are supremely ineffective, once the monsoons come in, they would be of some use. Coolers are what everyone turns too, but they also need Lady Power to be merciful.

It is known that she will take her leave every morn latest by 10am and normally returns by 1.30pm; but then she is eccentric and can well vanish at any hour regardless of her schedule. Last week, she led us onto the merry-go-round, so to speak, darted in and out almost on the hr every 1.30 hrs and then vanished at night, too. And when she did return it was as a pale shadow of herself. I do believe, every living being and especially, all electronic appliances heaved a sigh of relief when she regained her normal hue :P